Violin Lessons are a great way to improve confidence and get better grades!

Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons at Jim Beaver’s School of Music cover a wide range of study.  Our instructors can guide you to attaining success!

Violin lessons include:

  • proper technique
  • sight reading
  • ear training
  • use of method books and other supplemental materials

During lessons, students will learn how to play vioiln in a fun and healthy way. Students will not only learn how
to read and play the notes, they will be trained in style, technique, music theory, and ear-training.

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Voice Lessons at Hendersonville Favorite Place to play!

Voice Lessons at Jim Beaver’s School of Music

Voice lessons are offered for children through adults. If you are a true beginner or want to improve on

your current vocal abilities, our instructors will work with you to achieve your best potential. Students young and

old alike are taught basic breathing and singing technics that are suitable and applicable to all types of

music, from pop to blue grass to classical to musical theatre and everything in-between. Students also

have the opportunity to perform in recitals and competitions throughout the year as they desire and are



Guitar lessons in Hendersonville, NC

Here at JBSOM, guitar lessons incorporate a variety of methods and materials.
Areas of Study include:
Sight Reading
Tabulature Reading
Pentatonic Scales
Diatonic Major and Minor Scales
Modes and altered Scales
Diatonic Chord Scales
Right hand techniques ranging from pick to fingerstyle
Proper left hand technique
Critical Listening
Operation of eqiupment, including capos, slides, amplifiers, and various effects for electronically capable instruments
Their Favorite Tunes!


Jim Beaver’s School of Music is the ONLY music school in WNC using the renown Musical Ladder System, and only the 2nd in the entire state of NC.
Student earn wristbands, certificates, and trophies for various levels and achievements!

Check out these proud MLS achievers!

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