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Welcome to Drum Lessons at Jim Beaver’s School of Music!

Drum Lessons at Jim Beaver’s School of Music include:

  • Technique
  • grip
  • sticking and sticking patterns
  • rhythmic studies
  • Sight Reading
  • rudimental studies
  • music theory
  • ear training
  • notation
  • much more!

   Beginning classes start with technique and development of fundamental snare drum studies including grip, sticking, sticking patterns, rhythmic studies, reading, and rudimental studies. This class covers the basic elements of music theory, ear training and notation. Basic drum set grooves and techniques will be introduced as the class provides an overview of drumming styles through listening and analysis. Students will examine important musical examples and develop an understanding of the evolution and characteristics of the various musical styles in drumming that are essential to the history of the instrument.

Basic rock, funk, country, blues, Latin, jazz and New Orleans 2nd line styles are all covered as the student advances to achieve a primary level of familiarity and comfort around the drum kit. The application of these styles range from beginner to advanced. Once the basics are fully understood lessons are tailored to the students individual goals and interests.

Books and materials include but are not limited to:

“Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum” Garwood Whaley
“Progressive Steps to Bass Drum Technique for the Modern Drummer” Ted Reed
“Drum Primer” Tim Wimer (For Beginners)
“The Art of Bop Drumming” John Ryley

“On the Beaten Path” Rich Lackowski

What You’ll need:

Students don’t neccessarily have to own a drumset to start.  Often student’s can use a practice pad to start with, and purchase the drumset later on.

Unsure what to buy?  Contact us, we can steer you in the right direction!

Students will need drum sticks and some of the books listed above initially, but schedule your Free Introductory Lesson first to find out specifically what your instructor wants you to get.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is important to understand that success with drum lessons requires consistent practicing.  We recommend students factor into their schedule a 30 minute practice routine, created by the instructor each week,  no less than 5 days per week.

The instructor may request the presence of a student’s parent(s) during lessons to equip them with information to help the student practice effectively.

Please see our Policy Agreement for information about enrollment terms and lesson cancellation.

We offer drum lessons to the Hendersonville, Fletcher, Arden, Tryon, Columbus, Mills River, Asheville, Saluda, and the greater WNC area.


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