Today’s teacher feature is Jim Beaver!

Jim Beaver

Beginning his own musical journey at the age of 7, Jim was studying advanced concepts and material on the guitar before hitting his teens. Becoming a protege of anyone willing, Jim studied under local talents such as Bill Altman (Crystal Zoo, Big Block Dodge) and Regional Jazz Guru Mark Yaxley. Playing any gig that came his way, Jim has been seen performing on the local club scene sharing the stage with local heavy hitters like Jeremy Corn, Gary Lockaby, Robin Tollison and Russ Wilson, directing music for local churches, performing in the pit orchestra for NC State Theatre ‘Flat Rock Playhouse,’ or in his own ‘Jim Beaver Band.’

Jim specializes in improvisation, composition, transcription, and countless other “tions” too. Big deal, Blah Blah Blah.
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