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Monthly March 2016

It’s Recital Time!

It’s that time of the year when we start planning for our Spring Recitals, and we are SO excited to hear all YOU’VE learned this year!  Here are a few FAQ about our recitals:

Why Should I perform in the spring recital?

 Your performance is one of the best memories you will have of yourself or a loved one. Not only that, you will GET MORE out of your lessons! Why? Because students prepare for recitals DIFFERENTLY than just weekly lessons: It’s the Friday Night Game of our musical world; you get to show off all you’ve worked so hard to accomplish! Performing for an audience BUILDS CONFIDENCE like NOTHING ELSE can! Besides, it’s FUN! No one EVER regrets participating! On top of all of that: it’s FREE! We offer 2 recitals annually, at NO additional cost to you! It’s all part of the PACKAGE! 

When & Where?   

 Our Spring recitals are scheduled for May 27-28 at Freeburg Pianos’ “Masterworks Theatre.”  We will open sign ups sometime in Early March—stay tuned! 

What do I play?

That’s where your TEACHER comes in!  Tell them you’re interested in  playing in our recital, and ask them to help you get prepared! They will make sure you put on a GREAT show!  

What should I expect?

Because we have SO MANY students, we no longer have long, scary recitals with hundreds in attendance. We now do a series of much smaller shows. There are usually around 50-60 people in the audience—mostly performers and their family and friends. That means you’ll be performing for a sympathetic audience! Remember: your fellow performers are students just like YOU! You’ll see some polished performances, and also some that are still learning!  It’s LOW pressure, and FUN

If you have questions about our spring recitals, feel free to call the school at 828-693-4056 for more information, or email

More about the recital in NEXT MONTH’s Issue-Stay Tuned (get it??)

-Jim Beaver,  Director 

What do we do when it SNOWS??

JBSOM generally follows HCPS closings in the event of inclement weather.  We also post on Fox 21, WLOS 13, our Website, as  well as our Facebook Page 

Welcome NEW students:

Zane D.

Sofia F.

Samuel G.

Melissa G.

Patrick H.

Carter H.

Alison M.

Luke S.

Dianne Y.

Andoni M.

Patrick R.

Graham S.

Emma S.

Hayla S.

Is YOUR teacher sold out

Many teachers have sold out or only have a few spots available.  If you need a schedule change or would like to be added to a waiting list for a particular teacher, day or time, please contact any of our office staff team and they can add you to the waiting list.  If you are not a student yet there are still limited lesson spots available. To inquire about openings send an email to or call 828-693-4056!!


Vicie: 1 Slot left John:

John: 2 Slots left

Mary – 1 Slot left



John-2 Slots Left


Tiffany-1 Slot Left

Zack: 3 slots left

Marji: 2 slots left


Mary-2 Slots Left

Tiffany: 1 slot left

Russel: 4 slots left


Kayla: 5 slots left


Mary-2 slots left

Marji: 3 slots left

John: 3 Slots Left

Russel: 4 slots left



Vicie: 4 Slots left


Jamison: 3 Openings



Russell: 3 Slots left

Vicie: 4 Slot Left

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