COVID-19 Update

March 15, 2020

I’ve no doubt that many of you are concerned about the Covid-19 situation.  Of course, it is on the top of my mind as well.  After all, this is an unprecedented circumstance.  I’m sure many of you already know that Governor Cooper has mandated that all K-12 schools close for 2 weeks effective Monday, March 16, 2020.  We had already set in motion that if public schools closed, we would follow suit and move to an online format to accommodate the safety of our students and staff. What we did not anticipate was them making this decision over the weekend.  Our plan was to spend the next week working out issues and getting online lessons ready to roll by the following week.  The State mandated decision has significantly moved up that timeline.

We have concluded that the best decision at this time is to move our previously scheduled Spring Break to begin effective Monday, March 16. Odds are that Henderson County Schools chocks up one of the mandated closure weeks to the same. This will give everyone a week to get set-up with the online format and to begin entirely in that format effective March 23. The plan is to continue until under those conditions until the state permits public schools to resume normal attendance.  Let’s all join in prayer that this is the case.

We know that so many of you are concerned that your students are going to be inundated with free time, bored, and largely stuck at home.  We will do our best to provide them with a semblance of normalcy, and the same quality music education they receive on a weekly basis at our facility (without the chance of catching germs!!).   They will be able to continue their Musical Ladder progression, too!

We will be in contact with you over the coming days to help get you setup for your online lessons.  In the meantime: stay healthy, keep your hands washed, and keep practicing!

Jim Beaver, Director
Jim Beaver’s School of Music