JBSOM and CDC Guidelines

We are following, and EXCEEDING CDC guidelines to keep students, teachers and staff safe; here is how:

A). We have windows to both access points in the front office, to protect you AND our staff from contact with one another.

B). We have professionally installed the state-of-the-art Activetek Induct 2000 into our central air system.  It utilizes tested ActivePure® Technology, proven to destroy 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and germs in the air AND treat contamination on surfaces! 

C). We ask that every student wash their hands upon arrival. In addition, OFFICE STAFF will be signing students in, so we are not all sharing pens!

D). We have complimentary disposable Kn95 masks if you would like one, just ask the office. These are FREE for our students to use during the lesson (and can then be discarded), but you have to be a current student or family member of a current student to receive one. Our teachers will be wearing masks as well. 

D).  We have (and have always had) plenty of hand sanitizer in each teaching room as well as the common areas.

F). We have complimentary disposable gloves if you would like them, just ask the office. These are FREE for our students and staff to use.

G). We ask that for now you do not wait in the waiting areas, but that you wait in your vehicle while your loved one’s lesson is being held. What is really cool is you can ZOOM into the lesson with your phone and watch every minute from your vehicle. If you arrive early, please either call or text the office to let us know that you are here, and we will let you know when your teacher is ready for you. Then, we will meet you at the door to escort you or your loved one inside.

H). Please keep 6 feet of distance from teachers, staff and other customers. We have measured each room and marked optimal 6 feet safe zones.  In some cases, transparent screens have been installed to make sure the only thing we are sharing is a good time!  Our teachers will be using pointers when possible/applicable, so they can easily teach without getting too close! 

I). We (as we always have), are cleaning the school multiple times a day, and between each lesson.

J). We have a professional cleaning service to deep clean and disinfect our school weekly (as we have for years).

K). Our admin staff are working altered hours so they aren’t working in the same space at the same time.