music lessons for all ages

Music Lessons for all ages!

Jim Beavers School of Music offers a wide variety of music lessons for all ages and skill levels.  Our motto being “Music Lessons Tailored to You,” we do our best to balance instruction using the interests and goals of our students as well as necessary fundamental music education.


Adults have just as much fun as kids do!  You are never too old to try something new.  You would be surprised how many adults try learning an instrument, or sharpening their vocal ability.  Our School offers music lessons for all ages!

Click the pictures below for more information about specific instruments and voice:

electric guitar iStock_000008328429Large Voice Lessons uke_img Bass Guitar Lessons fluteDulcimer Lessons Trumpet Lessons drumlesson
If you have interest in learning another instrument not listed, contact us! (We may be able to help!)

Our Teachers in Action:

    Senior Projects / Mentoring Throughout the past decade, JBMS has mentored many seniors for Henderson County Public Schools Senior Projects. Let us help you with yours!  Discount rates apply. Call or email today for more information!

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